Mahny Djahanguiri 

'The Doggie Guru'

Mahny Djahanguiri was born in Switzerland to a British mother and Iranian father. Since the age of seven, she spent most of her time with nature roaming around freely through fields of cows and sheep. During her holidays in Greece and Italy, she could usually be found inside sheds or behind car parks trying to rescue every single cat or dog on the island. Her obsession with animals leads her to write her first children's book “The Story of a Girl and a Mouse “ which entails a mouse with yogic super powers. 

Mahny enjoyed performing from a young age. After graduating from University in Zurich, she left urban Switzerland for her mother’s birth place, London, where she obtained a Dance Performance and Musical Theatre Degree.

Yoga found her in 1999 at the Life Centre in Notting Hill. She fell in love with the fluid and energetic Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa practice and she soon became an avid student of Shri K. Pathabi Jois.

Mahny is also a certified Kids and Adult Yoga teacher. She received her teaching diploma through the British Wheel and Yoga Alliance. She has trained with YogabugsTM and 'The Special Yoga Centre' as well as obtaining certificates in behaviour management, safeguarding, team culture and child protection through the employment at Kids Company. 

Since appearing on Made in Chelsea, Mahny has been presented with a book deal to write the first Doggie Yoga book as well as appearing on numerous chat shows and international news channels, including The Alan Titchmarsh Show, The Sunday Brunch, Ronnie Corbetts Animal Crackers, NTV, ZDF, Vet Clinic TV and more.

Mahny has been teaching Doga since 2012 and will soon carry out international Dogamahny workshops to promote her method which benefits both humans and dogs.


Dogamahny TM  was born through Mahny's studies with Kids Company. In 2009. Mahny was invited to become an in-house yoga teacher at a South London street centre for Kids Company (Kenbury), where she has worked with hundreds of traumatised and abused kids. Based on the kids company method of the "attachment theory" , Mahny was quick to observe the immediate trigger points that would set off a "fight-or-flight response" in each of these kids when exposed to a new activity/situation .

From Pack to Pack

About Fostering/Rehoming and Adoption, Mahny says:

 Neglected and abandoned dogs behave in the same way as young children.  It’s all about survival of the fittest which can be stressful and sometimes even damaging for the development of the brain and spinal cord (in puppies and young dogs). When a dog is consistently exposed to an unsafe and unfamiliar environment the ‘fight or flight’ trigger works overtime which decompresses the parasyphamtehtic nervous system that governs sleep, digestion and cognitive behaviour. The brain cannot function properly which makes the fostering, training and re-homing program a lot harder.


THE BREATH is the Key

In early infant years the link between the breathing patterns of the mother with the breathing pattern of the newborn (especially during breast feeding) is of utmost importance to the development of the brain and the spinal cord. The infant will organically copy the mother's breathing habit when being breast fed.

Similar to newborn babies, dogs ‘copy’ the owners breathing habits. Restless, irregular breathing pattern can influence the dog’s behaviour as well as sound and touch.  Mahny came to realise by using ‘yogic’ breathing and physical contact (massage) the dog’s heart rate would slow down automatically, improving the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide to the flow of the blood. The dog’s parasympathetic nervous system would usually kick in after the first 20 minutes of a yoga session. Similar to a human yoga class some dogs may fall asleep on the yoga mat, some may enjoy a quiet space far out of reach from the group while other dogs may happily join in the fun.

No matter what dog, breed, age or temperament DOGA IS A YOGA THERAPY which takes a minimum of 4-6 weeks to adjust .The process of Doga is symbiotic, organic and manifests on a deep subconscious level.


 THE ALAN TITCHMARSH SHOW Sept 17 th 2013 (see below pic)

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