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DOGA THE BOOK By Mahny Djahanguiri out NOW  in all mayor Bookstores throughout the UK , US and CANADA . Find your copy in Waterstones , Barnes & Noble,  Folyes and Amazon . 

What is DOGA ? 

Doga is the sacred union between Dog and owner. 

Doga isn't just about the physical. Having your dog included in your yoga practice enables you to observe "your attitude" towards yourself and all living beings and get a deeper insight and understanding of behaviour patterns that arise from the mind. 

Why do Yoga with your Dog ?

  • Because its FUN( in Doga anything goes)Large and Small dogs are welcome 
  • You and your dog get to socialise with fellow Yogis and Dogis 
  • You'll get a great  Yoga Stretch whilst your dog may or may not participate 
  • You can let go of ownership and simply enjoy each others company and strengthen the natural bond  
  • You no longer have to feel guilty joining a yoga class and leaving your dog at home 
  • Both of you will benefit calming down your central nervous which helps with sleep and digestion 
  • Within 6 sessions your stress level will decrease as well as yours dogs 

Doga Demo and Book Launch at London Pet Show 2015 

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